Interviewing Home Care or Hospice Providers

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When it is time to consider Home Care or Hospice Providers, it is important to interview several companies to ensure the perfect fit. Each company can offer some of the same basics, such as nursing care and medical equipment. However, there can be a big difference when it comes to the level of compassionate services. Here are a few sample questions that you might consider asking.

How Do You Get Equipment and Supplies
During the time you are using the Home Care of Hospice provider it is likely that you will need some sort of medical equipment, supplies or medications. Ask the provider what their policy is for getting what you need. Some simply require a prescription from your physician and are willing to help you obtain one, while others may require a bit more red tape.

What Are the Hours of Availability
In working with a Home Care of Hospice Provider, you obviously have a need for nursing care in your home. Ask what they plan on providing you as far as the number of hours and days in which the nursing staff will be coming by and what they will be doing while they are at your home. Also ask if an emergency comes up, what should you do and at what hours can you call them versus dialing 911.

Do They Offer Respite Care
If you are interviewing the provider for the care of a family member, make sure you ask about respite care. Does the provider provide care so that you can take care of your needs, like grocery shopping and doctor appointments? There will be situations where you need to take time out to handle personal needs. When those times arise, someone will need to be attending your loved one. Ask the provider if they can assist in those times.

Since a Home Care of Hospice Provider company is going to become a large part of your life, you will want to be sure you are comfortable with them and get the best services to fit your needs. While these are just a few ideas of what to ask, be sure to customize your questions to fit your situation. By interviewing companies and asking questions that are pertinent to your situation, you will be able to find the perfect company to establish a good working relationship.